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mapMarkerGrey 2 Alpine St, Somerville, MA 02...’s First Pilot Program, The Paper Plate Project®, Turns Shopping Local Into a Spontaneous, Engaging, and Profitable Adventure For Us All …What We Fix Next Is Up To You!

Prosperity Worth Spreading®

Most Small and Non-Profit Businesses Struggle to Get Your Attention Due To The High Cost And Competitive Nature of Advertising.

That’s why we’re asking you to join In Surprising Your Favorite Local Businesses With The Gift of New Customers and Fincancial Security For Life!


1 – Pass the Paper Plate

The merchants you share us with will display their (OM) Association – framed, embossed, animated – however they choose to promote their brand and you’ll be rewarded when you shop them.

There will be infinite ways to display your association with The first phase begins with a paper plate.

2 – Capturing Your Attention And Imagination At The Speed of Sight

Everytime you spot a different business displaying… The hairs on the back of your neck will begin to tingle. Simply show them you’re associated with and not only will you be in the running for surprise rewards just for making purchases …You’ll never miss a deal again!

3 – It’s Authentic. It’s Personal. And It’s Changing The Way We Do Business Together

With and The Paper Plate Project® consumers and small business owners, like you, hold an unprecedented power to not only influence commerce but profit from those relationships.

You’re right, it’s so simple, yet and The Paper Plate Project® are 2 separate world-changing events leveling the playing field for us all and rewarding you every step of the way.

Charitable.Fund (Coming Soon)

Get Paid to Highlight and Fund Your Favorite Non-profit Organization. Without Sacrificing a Thing!

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