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One Mission

Imagine the OneMovement® future.

It starts with that simple promise to shop locally once a month and share the message. Thousands sign on to share this message. What is the power of a single promise? A single action? It’s a movement.


Support Small Business.

We believe that small business is the heart of every community but it’s struggling. Every business is facing a dog-eat-dog fight to survive and it’s getting worse. The promise of the internet was to allow individuals and small business to connect with customers and thrive, however, the reality is the opposite.

Most people don’t know that small businesses are struggling just to stay alive today because they can’t afford to get your attention. The media will never talk about this because they are the ones selling the ad space and are part of the problem.

Small businesses can’t compete with the huge advertising and marketing budgets of big corporations and one-by-one they are losing. A small business is more than a product or service but a friend, community, local job, networking center and more. It’s the heart and soul of a community.

The OneMovement™ mission is to save small businesses by giving rewards to local people who shop locally, directly connecting business and consumers, knitting back the lifeblood of a community.


Depression Proof the Economy

Created for the purpose of Depression Proofing the World™ the ONEMOVEMENT.com community of passionate vendors, buyers, builders, artists, and connectors is ridiculously simple, engagingly fun, and amazingly profitable. Solutions like The Paper Plate Project® are all aimed at solving the world’s most seemingly insurmountable challenges without having to ask for anyone’s permission but your own. Economies that rely on big corporations also have big ups and downs. When the economy has a thriving small business community then stability is introduced. Local people support each other, raise healthy families and grow.


The Power of Compound Virtue

The power of a single promise is immense. As we get more people committing to shop locally once a month the ripple effect changes the entire world. Here’s how it works:
It starts with you. You consume a few drinks and a sandwich at a local store and hand the manager the Paper Plate. Tell them about the OneMovement network of committed people and encourage them to join. Then another person does the same thing, and then another and another. The restaurant next door joins OneMovement, giving a free appetizer reward to each patron from OneMovement, and word spreads so others join in. Everyone in the neighborhood enjoys discovering new local business and finding out the next reward being offered. The restaurant, store and community businesses have more loyal customers and the OneMovement patrons have their reward. But that is not where our story ends…

Shops across town see this trend and put a Paper Plate in their window. OneMovement patrons now get rewards across the city. Now the once-dying downtown is thriving. Enough of these revitalized cities become a new economy. The next step is local jobs. Not all jobs are the same. Working at some corporations can be dehumanizing. Just about everyone agrees that jobs at a local business are friendly, enjoyable and more fair-minded to workers. OneMovement leads to jobs that people are proud of and look forward to supporting. By sharing the Paper Plate, young people can find local jobs, community support and begin to thrive, raise grades, gain success, lowering poverty and crime. In short, it works!

Imagine a world where local business thrives, local jobs are plentiful and young people have stable communities. Everyone benefits. OneMovement communities create the perfect environment for everyone to reach their full potential. Imagine a world where every city becomes a OneMovement community to Depression Proof the economy and change the world.

Now stop imagining and join OneMovement, to make it happen today!